OPTASE® MGD Advanced Dry Eye Drops



If you are experiencing symptoms of evaporative Dry Eye or MGD this is the eye drop for you.

OPTASE® MGD Advanced Dry Eye Drops are Lipid-based drops to effectively to manage the symptoms of MGD and evaporative Dry Eye.



OPTASE® MGD Advanced Dry Eye Drops are a preservative free drop designed to provide relief from MGD symptoms and Evaporative Dry Eye such as burning, irritation and dryness by providing replacement lipids to assist in replenishing the tear film.

Product Summary:

  • Contains Sacha inchi seed oil, Trehalose and Hyaluronic Acid which combine to strengthen and replenish your tear film, and protect your eyes.
  • OPTASE® MGD Advanced Drops provide a preservative free combination of ingredients designed to treat dry eye symptoms in a unique multi-dose bottle that ensures 3 months sterility and provides 300 drops.
  • Produced using DEMET™ technology to combine the ingredients in a formula that is optically clear and doesn’t cause blurring, allowing you to get on with your day.


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