Integrative Vision Therapy


Building Better Connections!

The proven success of our vision therapy program can be easily summed up as our EYES + BRAIN + BODY approach. The key is to ensure that all 3 areas become fully integrated and automated. Without this approach, it is likely that a patient would simply develop a variety of “splinter” skills…only enabling them to perform a particular visual task, such as tracking, scanning, or focusing in isolation and without integration of the brain/body connection. In other words, not being able to walk and chew gum at the same time! That is why our integrative vision therapy program initially introduces activities in a specific hierarchy to develop visual skills separately and then increases the demand until the patient is utilizing cognitive and motor skills at the same time. This allows individuals to not only develop better visual skills, but also build a stronger whole body connection for lasting results!

Our Program Is:

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Getting Started

Schedule a Development Visual Assessment by contacting our Vision Therapy Department at 619-222-2020 ext. 205. This assessment includes:

  • An in-depth gathering of patient history
  • A comprehensive eye exam
  • Extensive visual-motor integration and perceptual skills testing