10 Ways To Use Your FSA

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If you’re looking for smart strategies to help you take advantage of your FSA balance, check out these 10 ways to proactively care for your eye health.

1. Annual Eye Exams

Did you know that you can use the remainder of your Flex Spending funds for the portion of your visit that insurance may not cover?  Schedule your comprehensive eye exam today!  Book Now

2. Medical Exams

Fun fact! If your eye doctor asks you to come back for a medical follow-up for services such as checking your pressures, getting a glaucoma work-up, etc., your FSA will count toward these visits.

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3. Contact Lenses

Avoid the annoyance of running out of contact lenses during a busy week or right before your vacation, by stocking up on a year’s supply of lenses now. Order Contacts

4. Prescription Glasses

Keeping up with your glasses during the course of a hectic day can be difficult, which makes it a good idea to have a spare pair.  Or perhaps you just want to treat yourself to that stylish new frame.  Either way, using your FSA dollars on your eyewear is always a good idea. Our Brands

5. Computer Glasses

Our eyes weren’t built to stare at small text on screens for long periods of time. This can cause eye strain, dryness, blurred vision and headaches.  If you or your loved ones are experiencing these symptoms, a pair of prescription computer glasses can help.

6. Prescription Sunglasses

Sunglasses are important even in the fall and winter months, because they help protect our eyes from the sun’s damaging UV rays year round. That’s why purchasing prescription sunglasses is an excellent way to utilize your FSA dollars.

7. Dry Eye Products

There are several products that can help treat Dry Eye symptoms.  These include prescription medications, lubricating eye drops, tear duct punctal plugs, tear-stimulating medications and dry eye masks.  Ask your eye doctor which is right for you. Shop Now

8. Dry Eye Treatment

If you’ve experienced the dry, itchy, gritty symptoms of Dry Eye Disease, you know how uncomfortable it can be when left untreated. Luckily our LipiFlow and TearCare treatments are FSA-approved expenses.   Learn More

9. Eye Supplements

EyePromise supplements are an easy way to protect and enhance your vision.  Whether you are looking for dry eye relief, protection against screen time, or support for your overall eye health, we highly recommend this brand. Learn More

10. LASIK Eye Surgery

If you’ve been dreaming of being able to see without needing to reach for your glasses, LASIK eye surgery may be the solution for you! Vision correction procedures, including LASIK, are an eligible FSA expense.  Learn More

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