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Affordable Eyewear, San Diego

Stylish, affordable eyewear is something we all look for in a pair of glasses. Sure, affordable eyewear is easy to find online, but what happens when you want to try a pair on before you buy? The process of buying glasses seems to be an inevitably daunting task. Some prescription eyewear can cost hundreds of dollars making it difficult to find a pair that fits the unique frame of your face. What’s more, when it is time to choose a pair, many optometrists only offer a handful of eyewear brands adding frustration to the process. Thankfully, there are affordable eyewear options that do not sacrifice style over price. Buying a pair of glasses can actually be a lot of fun! And, while buying online can be convenient; the advantage of going to an optical store is something to be considered. Advantages like having someone walk you through the process, take proper measurements, and help you select the right frame and lens design are all ways to ensure the glasses you buy are right for you. A great pair of glasses can make you look good and feel good, so why not do it in person.
Frugal Tip: Designer Eyewear Does Not Have To Be Expensive…

Affordable Glasses

Buying a pair of eyeglasses does not have to break the bank. Looking for affordable eyewear that is both stylish and comfortable? Why upload your photo online when you can find a reasonably priced pair of glasses in the comfort of your home city. San Diego is a place where the weather is great, the beaches are beautiful, and the people are as organic as the surroundings. So, go ahead and take a tour of the best places to see, and see them clearly with a pair of affordable glasses. For glasses that make you look good, feel good, and do good, choose Article One Eyewear.
Article One: Eyewear That Makes You Feel Good, Look Good, And Do Good…
Article One Eyewear

Article One

For Every Pair Purchased…

Article One designer eyewear is handcrafted with intention. Their intention is to raise awareness and funding for Vitamin A deficiency in developing nations. To accomplish their mission, this independent eyewear company based in Flint, Michigan donates a portion of each pair sold to Helen Keller International. Most people are unaware that about 500,000 children globally go blind each year from Vitamin A deficiency, and half of those children die within 12 months as a result of Vitamin A deficiency. Even more astounding, it costs just one dollar for a year’s worth of supplements for one child. That means a one-dollar donation to Helen Keller International will ensure at least one child will not die or go blind from Vitamin A deficiency. Made with care and thoughtful intention, Article One is not only the feel good, do good eyewear brand; they also offer a stylish line of eyewear that is affordable. Made ethically and manufactured in Italy, Article One’s line of eyewear is handcrafted by people who care. People who care about the quality of the materials they use, whose dedication goes far beyond simply making a great pair of glasses. For each pair they craft, it results in glasses that feel just as good in your hand as they do on your face. Their frames are inspired by classic American styles, with clean modern lines, and their sunglasses are inspired by vintage American shapes, thoughtfully designed with a modern eye. When you put on a pair of Article One glasses, you will feel the intention behind their carefully handcrafted frames.

Eyewear, The Frugal Way

At Invision Optometry, we get to know your individual style and unique optical needs, to develop a pair of glasses fit just for you. With a pair of Article One’s glasses, you have the freedom to choose a style that is right for you, at a price that is affordable. Feel good, look good, and do good, with the perfect frames by Article One. For the frugal at heart, we invite you to come in and try on a pair today. If you have questions about booking an eye exam or simply want to inquire about our line of eyewear, call us at (619) 222-2020.