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Motor Skills, Visual Motor Integration

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Child writing in a book

Does Your Child Struggle with Handwriting? Many parents witness their child’s daily resistance and struggles with writing and wonder why it seems so difficult and how they can help. As they begin their search for answers they may encounter information that makes them question if the handwriting issues are due to a fine-motor weakness, an… Read More

Dyslexia in Children

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Frustrated child looking at a book

Dyslexia in children is often confused with other common reading problems. In fact, many children are diagnosed with dyslexia prior to ruling out other potential causes of reading difficulty. Although dyslexia is common, it is frequently confused with other learning and attention issues. For instance, if your child has a visual processing disorder, it may… Read More

Visual Processing Disorder

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Child frustrated in school

Is A Visual Processing Disorder Impacting Your Child’s Learning? A visual processing disorder, also known as a perceptual disorder, is a deficiency that hinders a child’s ability to make sense of information they see. When a perceptual vision problem is present, understanding what you see, identifying it, judging its importance and relating it to previously… Read More

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