Computer Vision Care

Chances are that you spend more than a couple hours per day in front of a computer. If so, it is likely that you experience symptoms associated with Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). CVS symptoms can include headaches; tired, stressed, or burning eyes; loss of focus; blurred or double vision; and even shoulder and neck pain.
CVS is caused by the way your eyes perceive letters and numbers on a computer screen differently than on printed paper or other sources. Characters on a computer screen are defined and contrasted by light: they are made of tiny dots called pixels and they are brightest at the center and diminish toward their edges.
  • A picture of a woman who has a headache from looking at the computer too long.
  • A man who is having a hard time seeing the writing on the paper due to computer vision syndrome.
  • A man who no longer can focus on his work because he has been looking at his computer for too long.
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