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Designer Eyewear San Diego

The beauty of simplicity is Lindberg Eyewear. The art behind Lindberg’s design begins with a unique blend of classic elegance and an uncompromised attention to detail. Every frame is steeped in Danish design tradition. Crafted with impeccable artistry and technical innovation, each frame in Linberg’s line of eyewear makes a statement. Infused with simplistic aesthetics, Lindberg’s eyewear makes a remarkable visual impact. The materials used in each design are responsibly sourced and selected for the timeless elegance they create. Lindberg uses titanium, acetate, gold, platinum, and diamonds to make their eyewear distinctive. Lindberg has transformed modern eyewear; they have done away with everything that is not essential. Elements like screws, rivets, and welds are not a part of their designs. This means all Lindberg frames are incredibly strong, yet flexible, and light enough to be the most comfortable pair of glasses in the world. Lindberg eyewear is not mass-produced. Instead, it is a combination of distinctive designs and colors based on your preference. Their eyewear can be customized to your specifications and will be tailored and hand finished to fit you perfectly. Each frame comes with a unique identifying number and can also be engraved with your own name, if you so choose.

The Beauty of Simplicity…

Lindberg Designer Eyewear

Make A Statement

From subtle to defined, Lindberg eyewear can either boldly define you, or quietly accentuate your way of thinking. It can add an extra element of style, or build depth in your persona. Eyeglasses can help people see the real you, or they can create the image you want to portray. Whether you want to appear youthful or sophisticated, conservative or style-conscious, with the right eyewear you can shape how you feel and how others’ see you. So, if you are the type who subscribes to a different way of thinking, and have a connoisseur’s appreciation for exceptional design and high-quality materials, Lindberg is the eyewear brand for you.

What Do Your Eyeglasses Say About YOU…

You Decide What Design is Right for YOU

At Invision Optometry, we get to know your individual style and unique needs, to develop eyewear just for you. This means your Lindberg frame is individually crafted and customized for you. If you have questions about booking an eye exam or simply want to inquire about our eyewear, call us at (619) 222-2020.

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