SALT Optics, San Diego Eyewear

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SALT Optics, San Diego Eyewear

Eyeglasses, for those of us who are optically challenged wearing eyeglasses is not something we looked forward to everyday. The truth is, in our mind fashion is an unlikely supporter of the optically challenged. Our style-conscious but shortsighted experience with glasses spurns practical considerations like seeing. So, we either choose to wear our glasses in secret, or we choose not to wear them at all. While we are all human, not wearing your glasses can actually be more damaging then you think. But that thought is all-together another story to be told in the future. Today, this conversation is about eyeglasses as a fashion accessory, call it what you want for him or her, glasses can actually enhance your style and your overall look!

SALT. Optics

Born on the coast of California, inspired by nature, SALT. Optics is more then just an eyewear brand. Each collection of eyewear is crafted by hand designed uniquely to bring out the shapes and colors of nature. SALT Optics is a brand that aspires to make authentic, positive, and inspirational human connections.

Personalizing your Style

Eyewear should make a statement about who you are. Whether you are geeky, style-conscious, classy or sophisticated your glasses should be a fashion statement. Eyeglasses not only help you improve your vision they can also be used to make a statement about YOU. Use strong bold frames to draw attention to your eyes, or wear a thin understated frame to emphasize. Personalizing your style with eyewear begins with ditching the notion that eyewear cannot be used as an accessory. SALT. Optics, fashion-forward styles will allow you to create and define your style in a way that makes wearing eyeglasses something to be enjoyed not dreaded!

If you are in search of the perfect pair of eyeglasses, sunglasses or both we can help. At Invision Optometry we will help you embrace the optical trend with a new pair of specs, keep it classic or try on a brave new style… we are here to help! Our team will help make your experience one you will not forget!

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