Children’s Eyeglasses

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Childrens Eyeglasses

Children’s eyeglasses come in a variety of new shapes, materials, and styles. With many styles to choose from, children’s eyeglasses can be fun to shop for. From brands based on popular characters like Harry Potter and SpongeBob, to more grown-up styles, today it is easier than ever to find a pair of kids’ eyeglasses you both will love. The truth is kids want to be like the people they look up to. So, for girls who want to look as sophisticated as mom, there are frames that range from retro-styled ovals to elongated rectangular shapes. And, for the boys who want to grow up to be just like dad, thin titanium frames may be a perfect fit. Whatever style you choose, the availability of fashionable frames makes kids want to wear their glasses more than ever before.

Kids want to wear their glasses more than ever before…

Children’s Eyewear

From pop culture icons to cool brands, children’s eyewear has definitely transformed over the years. Frames available today come in fun and durable styles that boys and girls will enjoy. No matter what style or brand you choose, it’s, important you buy frames that fit your child well. Make sure they can also stand up to their active lifestyle. Look for children’s eyewear with features such as spring hinges and lightweight, adjustable materials. Thinner, lighter, and stronger materials like stainless steel and titanium are great for kids who are hard on their glasses. Features like stainless steel and well made hinges reduce your costs overtime because they are made to withstand accidents. If you are looking for fun, durable, affordable eyewear for your kids, Otis & Piper have the perfect frames for your little ones.

Fun, durable, affordable eyewear for your kids…

Otis & Piper

Otis & Piper is a kid-friendly collection of eyewear with styles for children from infancy (one style is offered in a 39-mm eye size and comes with an adjustable head strap) through the teen years. Brilliant colorations, cool frame shapes, simple lines, and modern details create styles that your kids will enjoy. Their frames are crafted from stainless steel or handmade acetate and are equipped with spring hinges. They also come in a variety of fun, eye-catching colors including jade, plum, ruby, sky, tortoise, and zebra. Otis & Piper offers kids fun, flashy designs, and parents the sustainability they are looking for in a safe and durable frame.

Fun flashy designs that are sustainable…

Kid-centric Collection of Eyewear

At Invision Optometry, we offer a full range of eyewear brands to meet your needs. Come on in and discover our kid-centric collection of eyewear by Otis & Piper. If you have questions about booking an eye exam or simply want to inquire about our lines of eyewear, call us at (619) 222-2020.

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