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silhouette Eyewear

Silhouette eyewear is distinguished by extremely high standards of workmanship and is handmade in Austria. Since 1964, Silhouette has been producing award-winning frames that are both classic and innovative. With a team that puts their heart and soul into their work, they turn vision into reality. Silhouette offers unlimited possibilities in terms of shape, color and design. What makes a pair of Silhouette frames unique is your personality. When it comes to comfort, Silhouette eyewear is as light as a feather, yet stylish enough to express your individuality. Silhouette eyewear stands for classic design, while expressing your individual style.

Express Your Individual Style

Your personal style reflects who you are, what you stand for, and what you do. Your style is a great way to express yourself, and the right pair of eyewear can help you accomplish this. Regardless of your style, the clothing and accessories you wear say something about you. With Silhouette eyewear, you can create a completely different look, day or night. For those seeking to establish their own unique style, do it with a pair of Silhouettes.

Because You Are Unique…

Because You Are Unique

At Invision Optometry, we get to know your individual style and needs to develop eyewear just for you. Discover the endless variety of ways in which to create your own unique style. Come on in and try on a pair of frames by Silhouette. If you have questions about booking an eye exam or simply want to inquire about our lines of eyewear, call us at (619) 222-2020.

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