Disposable Contact Lens

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Disposable Contacts

A disposable contact lens is a lens that is worn for a recommended amount of time and then discarded. Disposable contact lenses have a shorter lifespan, but require less care than traditional ones. While there are different types of disposable contact lenses, the daily disposable contact lens is the healthiest choice available. A daily disposable contact lens is a single-use contact that is thrown away daily. At the end of each day, they are removed, and discarded. To prevent the risk of eye infections, proper care, and frequency of replacement is important. This known fact, makes daily disposable contacts a very popular option. No matter which type of contact lens one uses, replacing your contacts often is a healthy thing to do.

Frequent replacement of contact lenses leads to healthier eyes that are more comfortable.

Daily Disposable Contact Lens

Daily disposable contact lenses are typically a healthier and more convenient choice as compared to other types of contacts. Because this type of lens is frequently replaced, there is no day-to-day accumulation of lens deposits, and thus no lens cleaning is required. Do not confuse daily wear with daily disposable contact lenses. Daily disposable lenses are designed to be worn only once and disposed of after a single day of wearing and are the most convenient type of lens. A fresh pair every day almost guarantees that there is no build up of proteins or lipids. There is no need to disinfect, clean or enzyme the contact lenses. This means no solutions, cleaners, or contact lens case. While the cost of this type of lens is slightly higher than most, the higher costs are offset by the money one saves on lens care products.

Daily disposable contact lenses are maintenance free

Do all the things you love without the hassle of worrying about your eyeglasses.

Contact Lens Options

Whatever your vision challenge, it can most likely be met with an array of specialty contact lenses customized for your individual vision needs. Contact lenses will allow you to do all the things you love without the hassle of worrying about your glasses. Today there are more comfortable and healthy contact lens choices than ever before. Contact us today to book an eye exam, or call us at (619) 222-2020 to learn more about your contact lens options.

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