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Silhouette Eyewear

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silhouette Eyewear

Silhouette eyewear is distinguished by extremely high standards of workmanship and is handmade in Austria. Since 1964, Silhouette has been producing award-winning frames that are both classic and innovative. With a team that puts their heart and soul into their work, they turn vision into reality. Silhouette offers unlimited possibilities in terms of shape, color… Read More

Lindberg Eyewear

Posted by: Invision Optometry in Category Fine Eyewear

Designer Eyewear San Diego

The beauty of simplicity is Lindberg Eyewear. The art behind Lindberg’s design begins with a unique blend of classic elegance and an uncompromised attention to detail. Every frame is steeped in Danish design tradition. Crafted with impeccable artistry and technical innovation, each frame in Linberg’s line of eyewear makes a statement. Infused with simplistic aesthetics,… Read More

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