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FACE A FACE, San Diego Optometry

FACE, our face is our first impression to the world. It lets someone know if you are happy or sad, and tells a story about who you are. For some, a face is a reflection of how they want to be perceived by others, and how they perceive the world around them. FACES, at first glance always make us feel something. Whether that feeling is this person is fun or this person is a little serious, our faces can evoke feeling deep within. Why we feel the way we feel about someone at a single glance happens within milliseconds of meeting someone for the first time. Be that as it may, a face is more then just an impression, or an expression; your face helps define you and shows someone who you are. From the style and color of your hair, to your clothing and eyewear, a face is simply a part of your style. Style to some means being reserved, and for some, style is a chance be bold and daring. Your eyewear is a chance to further expand on who you are to others and the world around you. It gives you the chance to change and alter that impression or expression when you want anytime you want… so, choose a frame that makes a declaration to the world, be trendy or artistic it does not matter… the choice is yours.


Driven to inspire your individual personality, FACE A FACE is more then just a pair of glasses. Each collection is artistic in nature, drawing inspiration from modern art, architecture, and contemporary design. Each frame is a creative entity, resembling small subtle elements of architecture, infused with volumes, shapes, materials, and textures. FACE A FACE is an eyewear brand that wants to help people bring out their individuality. The frames FACE A FACE offers will help you underline your boldness, while drawing attention to what makes you unique. Be you, with a series of frames or just one frame by FACE A FACE.

Eyeglass Frames

If your eyes are the windows to your soul, then your eyewear is the window to your style. In the world of being perceived the way you want to be perceived, eyewear has the potential of illuminating desirable features, and downplaying the less then desirable ones. By choosing the right eyeglass frames, you are creating balance and symmetry in just the right places. Just as a frame should be chosen to compliment a beautiful piece of art, your eyeglasses if selected right, will compliment the face and frame it just right. With the line of eyewear FACE A FACE offers, you can artistically infused style with as much creativity as you like.

Glasses to Suit your FACE

Today, the eyewear market is overwhelmed with different eyewear styles, from multiple eyewear makers, only adding confusion to the decision making process. With that in mind, we offer you some insight into finding glasses to suit your FACE. Face Shape: – Round face, when selecting your eyewear avoid round frames, instead try on angular shapes to lend some definition. – Oval face, focus on frames that enhance your features, and avoid thin frames that may elongate your face. – Heart shaped face, draw attention to your eyes by balancing a pointy chin with frames that are thicker on the bottom, to add the appearance of width. Color: color is a matter of style of course but there is always a color that can compliment your hair color, your eyes and your wardrobe. Do not be afraid to try different colors and hues to influence the style you want to project. Size: measure, by measuring you can make sure the glasses you choose will fit. Style: will change, whether you are going for a more casual look or something a little more sophisticated, take time, have fun, and experiment with something new.

If you are in search of the perfect pair of eyeglasses, sunglasses or both, we can help. At Invision Optometry we will help you embrace your FACE and your style! Our team will help make finding the perfect eyewear that suits your FACE easy!

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