Michael Kling, OD, Asked to Speak at Vision Expo West 2016

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Michael Kling, OD, Asked to Speak at Vision Expo West 2016

San Diego, CA (September 8, 2016) Michael Kling , OD, the owner and CEO of Invision Optometry located here in San Diego, CA, has been asked to speak at one of the largest international conferences for eye care providers and the optical industry. He is known to the industry today as one of the country’s most innovative optometrists. In fact, the new location he envisioned, designed, and built, is now being called the new standard in office design. Privileged to be speaking at such a renowned event, Dr. Kling has worked hard to earn the reputation he now has today, a leader in innovation.

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About the International Vision Expo & Conference West, the world’s most inclusive ophthalmic conference and expo. Created for eye care professionals to discover the latest trends in eyewear; advances in eye care technology, and business practices, being asked to speak at an event like this, is both a privilege and an honor for Dr. Kling.

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