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Sunglasses San Diego

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Sunglasses, come in all shapes and sizes, ­whether you are obsessed with partial aviators, or like them oversized, you simply cannot spend summer in San Diego without a pair. Sunglasses are necessary accessories for anyone who spends time in the sun. Rain or shine, spring or winter, wearing a pair of sunglasses can protect your… Read More

SALT Optics, San Diego Eyewear

Posted by: Invision Optometry in Category Fine Eyewear

SALT Optics, San Diego Eyewear

Eyeglasses, for those of us who are optically challenged wearing eyeglasses is not something we looked forward to everyday. The truth is, in our mind fashion is an unlikely supporter of the optically challenged. Our style-conscious but shortsighted experience with glasses spurns practical considerations like seeing. So, we either choose to wear our glasses in… Read More

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